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Coastal 500 provides resources to members as they continue to advance their capacity and expertise to address and implement solutions for costal communities. These resources include policy briefs, reports, journal articles, and toolkits relating to small scale fisheries and coastal communities. 




To support leaders actualize the commitments they have made in the pledge and building on the Action Guidebook, Coastal 500 is developing learning sessions to provide a platform for local government leaders from across the globe to connect and exchange learnings to strengthen collaboration, and discuss common challenges and successes in safeguarding critical coastal ocean watersheds. The first learning session will focus on the specific Pledge to invest in strengthening financial resources to sustain community-based fisheries management. 

The Fish Forever Data Portal

Rare’s Fish Forever Data Portal is a digital platform providing real-time data from our partner communities, visualized through dashboards and summarized in reports, and made readily available to support implementing partners, local leaders and practitioners. Explore the data at  

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